I started this project a while ago, as a Christmas present for Emily because I noticed this was a pattern that she had faved on Ravelry but not queued, which I was hoping meant “I really like the finished product, but I’m not very interested in knitting it myself.” Which I think is the perfect gift for a fellow knitter!


I knit this using some left-over Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel Heather, which is a yarn that I really like – it’s super soft and 100% merino. The pattern is the beautiful Big Herringbone Cowl from the Purl Bee.


The stitch pattern for this project is pretty fiddly, and you have to use larger-than-I-usually-like needles (I used US 13’s), but once you get in a rhythm it goes pretty smoothly. And you can’t beat the results! Such a beautiful herringbone. I was a little concerned about the edges before blocking because they looked sort of ruffle-y and unfinished, but after being blocked they started behaving. I think it looks so smooshy and comfy!