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2013-05-16 15.35.17-1

I’ve been coveting Tiny Owl Knit’s Beekeeper’s Quilt for a long time now, but was a little daunted by how many “hexipuffs” were needed for a large quilt and the whole joining process. But with an increasing accumulation of gorgeous sock yarn left overs (or maybe I should call them shawl yarns since I never knit socks?) around the house, I decided that the time was right. I also had a hankering for one of those projects you can just slowly work on over a long period of time. I love that you knit, stuff and finish each hexipuff before moving on to the next, so you get a little bit of instant “finished project” gratification. I’m giving this preview because I’m sure I will be knitting this project for a while, but couldn’t wait until the quilt is finished to show off some adorable puffs. Now I just need to get my hands on some koigu . . . only 336 more puffs to go!

2013-05-14 14.36.15-2