Stella by Linden Down

Stella by Linden Down

- Baby and Child Sophisticate by Linden Down

Baby and Child Sophisticate by Linden Down

Jacqueline by Linden Down

Jacqueline by Linden Down

Zenith by Linden Down; Photos copyright Carrie Bostick Hoge and Twist Collective

Sophisticate by Linden Down

Fletched by Linden Down

Estelle Pullover by Linden Down

Estelle by Linden Down

Fresh Mint by Linden Down

Milly by Linden Down, Knitty First Fall 2010

Deirdre by Linden Down

Warm and Cozy Socks by Linden Down

Margot by Linden Down, Knitty Fall 2009

Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down

Baby Bunting by Linden Down

Skinny Ruffles Shawlette by Linden Down

February Baby Beanie by Linden Down

Forest Rib by Linden Down

Cable Me Pink by Linden Down


8 thoughts on “Patterns”

  1. knitteruk said:

    Love the patterns, thank you so much for sharing them. I have 9 grandchildren and lots of knitting to do!

  2. vinciane said:

    Love everything ! Thanks for the patterns..

  3. Sanna said:

    Gorgeous things. I’ll be thankful to get the pattern for the beautiful “Aimee”.
    I’ve been looking for so long but never found it. Thank you so much for answering to my email-address “”.

  4. Teresa said:

    I have a question regarding the Warm and Cozy Socks pattern: When you say “Using Judy’s magic cast on, CO 14 sts, do you mean that there will be 14 sts on each needle, or 14 total (7 sts on each needle)? Thank you.

  5. Do you have a pattern for the Jackson wrap? I would love to buy it.

  6. Mary Thompson said:

    I love your Sophisticate pattern for my granddaughter but wondered if you might have the same in mens sizes. I looked on Ravelry and couldn’t find one.

  7. Please send an email to me at: I will send you a copy of the pattern.


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