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10 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. Barbara Darshan said:

    Hello, I want to make Linden Heflin’s Baby Sophisticate, but it is unclear in the pattern exactly where the button holes go for a baby boy. Please help!!! Making size 12 months for grandson!!!

  2. Cathy Smith said:

    How do I adjust the BABY SOPHISTICATE FOR SIZE 3

  3. Paula Bodkin said:

    I am knitting the Child Sophisticate size 6 and having an issue with repeating rows 2-5, 6 times I do not end up with 172 sts. Would you advise to keep knitting the increasing rows until I get 172 sts or is there an error?
    I did complete this pattern in the baby size and enjoyed the pattern therefore purchased both child and adult sizes.
    Please help as I am at a standstill.
    Thanks Paulabodkin@hotmail.com

    • Linden Down said:

      Hey Paula! How many stitches are you coming out with after the repeats? The number might help me figure out what is going on. :)

  4. sue Thuranszky said:

    I can,t figure out the wrap and turn. when I turn I am heading back to the button holes. I know this is not correct.

  5. Sally said:

    On the wrap & turn part of the collar – when you turn is that still part of the same row number or when you turn should you follow the directions for the next row number?

    • Linden Down said:

      Hi! After you work the wrap & turn, you should follow the directions for the next row. Happy knitting!

  6. hania said:

    I like knitting, I would love to ask where I can find the pattern of thi pattern https://stockinette.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/honeycombs-and-horseshoes/
    It is beautifull and I want to know please if it possible to have it.
    Thank you so much

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