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After knitting Nimbus with Berroco Peruvia Quick, I had almost an entire ball of yarn left over.  I decided to make a Big Boy Sophisticate for little cousin Cole, since he is too big now for the original (and besides, it is summer so by the time it is cold enough for a sweater he will be waaay too big).  Peruvia Quick is super bulky, so I decided to stick with the larger size, knowing that in this yarn it would come out to be a 24 month (or bigger) size.  My gauge was 12 sts/ 4″, and I ended up with a 24″ chest.


This isn’t going to be the most practical of toddler sweaters because it will be hand wash only, but babies need nice things to wear sometimes, right?  I decided to make it even more sophisticated and manly by adding woven leather buttons (also, this adds to the impracticality of the project, of course). Ooooh, he will look like a little librarian!


This is the second Baby Sophisticate I’ve made and I’m happy to say that it didn’t make me miserable to re-knit my own pattern :-).  Maybe it was the novelty of the bulkier yarn, but I’m sure it helped that it was super fast.  I was also glad to get a chance to test the pattern again – I followed the writen instructions and it produced a real-life baby sweater, so that made me feel good.  There are 38 projects on Ravelry now, and those people have been able to produce real-life baby sweaters as well.  It’s kind of like magic! :-)


It IS magic.  I love knitting.