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I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of the baby sweater social elite – Baby Sophisticate.  This sweater is ideal for the baby who enjoys the finer things in life – silver spoons, gourmet mush, and Baby Einstein as a personal tutor.  No silly pockets for this baby; only a sophisticated and luxurious shawl collar. :-)


Of course I’m kidding – your baby doesn’t have to be an Upper East-Sider to look adorable in this sweater!  Using Mission Falls 1824 Wool and with a gauge of 15 sts/ 4″, Baby Sophisticate is an extremely quick knit (perfect for last minute baby shower invitations).


The design is a top down cardigan, with a picked up all-in-one button band and collar.  This means no seaming – minimal finishing is the only way to go!


I want to give a HUGE thank you to Emmadoodle (aka Emily) for test knitting this design!  She did a wonderful job of helping me find mistakes and just making things all around more clear!  We hope that all the bugs got worked out in this process!

Happy knitting!

Download Baby Sophisticate:


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