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Phew! That was a whirlwind week I just had there! There is so much to talk about that I think I will have to break it up into little pieces to share. Just so you get the big picture – last Sunday was Emily and Eric’s wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes in Oregon.  Kristen and I (and as a surprise, Emily) flew to Portland on June 2 to start all of the preparations.  Here’s how the story went:

Chapter One: Preparing for the Wedding – Pre-shower Era (AKA Tuesday-Thursday)

On Tuesday, E, K and I all flew from OKC to Dallas Love Field, where we got on a plane that took us to Portland with a brief stop in Albuquerque.  We had a lot of fun with our scheduled flight activities of knitting, talking, napping and crossword puzzle racing.  Jeff picked us up from the airport and took us to E’s house for a delicious meal of mac’n’cheese prepared by E’s wonderful mom.  See us having fun in the terminal?


Wednesday is kind of a blur – I remember going to Trader Joe’s and picking up snacks, stopping at Home Depot and Lowe’s to look for peat pots, picking up some gorgeous peonies at Whole Foods for E’s mom, a stop at Burgerville where I had delicious fried asparagus spears, a trip to Fred Meyer for grilled hamburger necessities, and a stop at Goodwill to find games for guests to play at the wedding.  That evening Kristen and I cooked dinner for the family (and by “cooked dinner” I mean we made the biggest fruit salad ever known to man while Jeff made burgers and everyone else did pretty much everything else).  After that it was time for some wedding crafting and to play our prize find from Goodwill – a hardly used Office DVD game with which Jeff and Kristen dominated me and Emily.

Thursday started out with a trip to the spa – specifically Pure Spa in Portland.  K and E both had 60 minute massages while I had a facial.  It was delightful and relaxed all three of us for the rest of the day.  After our spa trip we went to Noodles and Company for delicious pasta and then headed over to the very fancy Pioneer Place mall, with a side trip to Knit Purl (where I got some amazing alpaca yarn to commemorate the trip – I took the picture here to show off the pretty Clematis in Sasha’s back yard).  IMG_0637

After shopping, we headed straight over to Bridal Veil Lakes for the rehearsal which went quite smoothly with, as Emily puts it, “no fatal flaws” and a “small amount of chaos”.  Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner, which was held at a very cool place called Tad’s Chicken ‘n Dumplins.  Great fun was had by all, and Kristen and I got presents (photo cropped to only show the clutches because we looked very shiny)!


Stay tuned for Chapter Two: Preparing for the Wedding – Shower and Post-shower Era (AKA Friday and Saturday)