39 thoughts on “Baby Sophisticate”

  1. What a lovely jacket. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Margaret

  2. This is just adorable, a proper Lil mans cardigan!!! I love it!!!!

  3. SOOO cute!!!!

  4. I cant get passed row 3 on row 3 start with 3 st s1 inc 1 there is 1 st left then marker inc. that st slip marker.row three does not mke sence to me something with the markers please ck . Row 1 ,2 , and 3.thank you nina @jpnp 113@aol.com

    • Linden Down said:

      Hi Nina! The main issue that people seem to have with this row is if they are trying to use an increase that requires another stitch (for example, knit through front and back of loop). The way I have written the pattern, you use a backward loop increase that doesn’t effect any other stitches. I hope this helps!

  5. Love it!

  6. Natalie said:

    Hi linden. Beautiful sweater but I’m also stuck on row 3. I get through the last marker, slipping it over. I increased one stitch and have the last two stitches left. I have a total of 37 stitches at this point. What do I do with the last two stitches? It’s not clear to me. Thanks!

  7. Renee said:

    So cute. My son will look awesome in this ❤️

  8. I love this pattern. I’m stuck on the collar on Row 8. Do I knit to 2 stitches before wrap of previous row? So I will be decreasing the number of knit stitches for next 5 rows?

    • Linden Down said:

      Hi! I’m so glad you like the pattern! It sounds like you have the right idea for the collar – you will stop two stitches short of the wrap on the previous row each time you w&t. This will decrease the number of stitches you are knitting for those rows. Hope this helps!

  9. Donna Messer said:

    So very cute!

  10. patymama said:

    Gracias por el patron

  11. Coby Hegeman said:

    Can somebody please send me the pattern of the baby sophisticate in DUTCH.
    Thanks very much
    Coby Hegeman from Holland

  12. ji young said:

    I want this pattern.

  13. Carolyn Mitchell said:

    I’d like to make this sweater in a larger size (2yrs/3yrs/4yrs). Has the pattern been established for those sizes?

  14. Greta said:

    I got stuck on a collar, i picked up stitches all arrround button holes and colar and knitted 4 rows, and now what? Cant understand if i had to go all the way arround or not :(

  15. Kerstin said:

    Hi Linden,
    do you think there is a german version for me somewhere – I’m stuck with some words – what does k stand for? knit?
    what is sl?
    slip and what does it mean?
    slip m?
    WS row?
    p1 row – k1 row
    Thank you for helping me out!

  16. Rita Gomberg said:

    I am stuck on the collar, button band. Do I knit the collar separately or is it a constant up the front across the collar with the W & T’s the down the 2nd front? Then do I knit back up the front to the collar, do the W & T then go down the 2nd front????? I’ve been done with this adorable sweater so some time but just can’t figure this part out. Thanks for listening ;-)

  17. Najma said:

    Quick and easy sweater. ..nice pattern

  18. A lovely jacket

  19. Gracias

  20. Thank You! This is adorable!

  21. Brenda said:

    Problem with being told to add 23 stitches onto holder for sleeve but being asked to take off 25 stitches on 0-3 month size pattern?. I solved the problem by adding two stitches on each sleeve like the other increases. Any thoughts?

  22. veronica said:

    Can u please forward me the pattern?? Thank you.

  23. Claudia said:

    Hermoso muy hermoso

  24. Eloisa said:

    I want to knit something for my son and this looks like a good idea. Thank for sharing the pattern.

  25. This is too adorable my three year old will look adorable. .!

  26. Soo cute..

  27. Yunjung said:

    I love it!!

  28. Alison said:

    I cant wait to make this thank you.

  29. Jessica said:

    So cute!

  30. My. Almemari said:

    I love it.. thank you

  31. Where do I find the instructions for this pattern? I have tried and get nowhere.

  32. Gracias por compartir…saludos

  33. Clara Nowak said:

    I’d love this pattern please!

  34. Beautiful!! Love it! Can you send me thé pattern by émail? :)

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