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My first finished object from my own handspun! You may remember a few posts a looong time ago about me trying to learn to spin, and that I was at one time working on a really lovely batt from Brains and Beauty Yarn. Just to recap, the batt was BFL, silk, sari silk and angelina and was called Autumn Glory. Well, I finished spinning it and it is my best finished handspun yet!  And it was actually kind of fun this time (less frustratingly slow).

I didn’t have that much yarn in the end, so I decided to make something small and I thought Kirsten Kapur’s Thorpe would be perfect – if I only had enough for the top of the hat, I could finish the garter stitch portion in a different color. As it turned out, though, I had enough for the whole hat and just needed to work the crochet in a contrasting yarn (some left over plymouth yarn homestead from a long time ago (like, before this blog existed) when I knitted a wedding blanket for some good friends).

I’m so excited with how this hat turned out – the yarn knitted up very evenly (victory!) and the colors are gorgeous! I also couldn’t resist including some gigantic pom pons at the end of my braids since this was already a really fun accessory. The pattern is worked from the top down and has great little details like the garter stitch edge being longer in the back than the front. It’s a super simple knit, but really fun and I love the contrasting crochet on the edge. Here’s Sophie enjoying the hat (I tried to get her when she was swatting at it, but this was the best I could do).

I would highly recommend the pattern, and I just have to say that it is really exciting to see something that started out as a big pile of fluff end up as a wearable object! Obviously Sophie loves the hat, however my family has advised me that I should never wear it like this (otherwise, I think they like it too).