Sorry for the radio silence lately – grad school keeps getting in the way of my knit blogging! :)  I had a pretty big exam last Thursday that has been consuming all of my energies for a while, but now that it’s over I can get back to the knitting!  Unfortunately some of my knitting has to stay secret for now, but I can tell you that the grown up version of Baby Sophisticate is being test knitted as-we-speak! Hooray! It’s taken a long time, but hopefully there will be some baby-daddy (or baby-mommy) matching sweaters out there this winter.

I’ve also been spinning! See, I finished spinning the pretty brown fiber I mentioned before – and I have to say I think I’m getting better! This yarn seems much more consistent, and I’m trying to think of just what to knit with it.

By the way, I took these pictures right before Thanksgiving, thus the pumpkins.  Just so you know.  :)

When I stopped into L&B a couple of weekends ago I got sucked in by some of the batts Brita of Brains and Beauty Yarn had put up in the store and (obviously) one of them came home with me. It’s called Autumn Glory and is BFL, silk, sari silk and angelina and it’s bea-utiful. I’ve already spun half of it, so hopefully I’ll have a finished product to share soon!

Now off to finish some Christmas knitting!