Over the holiday, I got the chance to take on a little project that I’ve been wanting to knit for a while. Now, before I tell you what inspired the pattern (and you judge me), let’s just take a look at the finished product – without prejudice.   : )

Aren’t they lovely? Now, some of the more diehard fans of a certain vampire related series may already recognize them . . . they’re Bella’s mittens from the first Twilight movie (you know, when she’s standing next to her truck right before . . .)! When I saw the movie I remember thinking that her mittens looked incredibly warm and wooly, so thankfully Marielle Henault came up with a pattern to reproduce them. I used some Rio de la Plata Three Ply Kettle Dyed that I got in Chicago (there’s an upcoming sweater in the same yarn), and I think it matched the pattern nicely.

The Rio de la Plata Three Ply is a lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for, so my mittens aren’t quite as cushy as the original, but I still really love them.  The pattern was well written, simple, and free!  I love my new mittens so much that I’ve been wearing them whenever I have the slightest excuse, even if it’s only a 20 ft walk from my car to the door.

And here’s my favorite shot of them – this is when I said, “Ok, Mom, put your hands up to your face and look scared – like a vampire just came up behind you!”  Apparently, Mom would just cover her face and hope for the best in the event of vampire attack.  : )

Just for comparison, Mom, this is how scared you should have looked . . .

Or maybe I should have asked you to stare foreboding-ly at nothing in particular while wearing headphones and being unaware of your surroundings . . .

Either way, you made the mittens look good!