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Of late, I’ve been in love with (obsessed with) the gorgeous over-sized cardigan Oblique from Fall 2007 Knitty.  I love the different textures in the sweater, and I think the silhouette is very flattering.  I hunted down the yarn I wanted for this sweater at L&B last week – Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Charcoal Mix.  It’s beautiful yarn and I’m loving the result so far . . .


Actually, I’m much farther along than this, but I couldn’t get a good picture this afternoon.  It kind of looks like a blob right now, seeing as I’ve decided to modify the pattern to be a seamless raglan and I just recently joined the sleeves and started knitting the yoke.  So far I’m glad that I don’t have to seam anything, but I hope that I don’t miss the structure offered by the seams when all is said and done.  We’ll see!  As much as I’m excited about this pattern, I think it may be the buttons I found at Gourmet Yarn Co. that put me over the moon:


And now you see where my post title comes from? : )   I love love LOVE these buttons and I can’t wait to wear this sweater!

In case you’re like me and want to know what inspired the buttons, you can either google R.IMP.HU.BO.REG.M.THERESIA.D.G. (like I did) or look at this site I found (by performing said google search) that makes me think the image and words are from a coin called a Maria Theresa Thaler, originally made by Austria and still struck in Turkey.  Very cool!

I’m also working on another textured shawl from Orlane’s Textured Shawl Recipe (ravelry link) out of Malabrigo in Verde Esperanza.  One’s got to have a simple project that goes wherever you go!