Ah . . . my Summer February Lady Sweater.  We’ve had some good times and we’ve had some bad times – and now you’re going to live with my mom so that I can focus on the good times only and stop glaring at you out of the corner of my eye.


Good moment: sitting on the floor of Gourmet Yarn Co fondling all of the cotton yarns, looking at the bright colors and thinking, “hmm . . . I really like that February Lady Sweater . . . but it’s summer and summer isn’t the season for wool sweaters.  I know!  Brilliant!  Summer February Lady Sweater!”

Good moment:  So excited about yarn I just bought.  Must get out the needles and cast on immediately!

Bad moment:  Arrrgh!  I don’t have the correct gauge!

Good moment:  Oooooh, my gauge is so wrong that I can knit the XS size and it will come out Linden size (which is not usually XS size).  Okay, change that previous bad moment to a neutral moment.

Bad moment:  Hmm . . . I think I might have been slightly confused by the placement of the stitch markers for the yoke.  Well, I’m about to finish the yoke – surely I would have noticed if there was something way wrong earlier.

Worse moment:  Um, there is something seriously wrong with this side of the sweater.  I’ll just take it off the needles and have a look at it to see why it looks weird.  Huh- this sweater is supposed to be symmetrical, right?  It’s time to frog it  : (

Good moment:  I’m going to change the yoke so that there is no chance of me messing this up again (see below for what I did).

Good moment:  Finished with the body and one sleeve!  I’m going to try it on!

Bad moment:   Bah!  I don’t like it on me!  Well, hopefully mom will like it.

Good moment:  Mom likes it!  Yay!  Okay, project can go down in history as a success.


All kidding aside, I really love this pattern, I like this yarn ok – but I don’t like them together for me.  My opinion improved once buttons were added, but I’m still giving the Summer February Lady to my mom because I don’t see myself wearing it.  I only slightly changed the yoke because I didn’t like how the increases looked (and because of aforementioned yoke disaster).  Here are the details:


Pattern:  February Lady Sweater by Flint Knits

Yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Coral

Needles: US3

Modifications for XS size:

CO 78

Place markers at points given in pattern
Increase row: *k to 1 st before m, KLL, k1, sm, k1, KRL; repeat from * 3 times

Work 19 increase rows – 230 sts

Work 35 YO increases (k3, YO, *k6, YO, repeat from * to last 3 sts, k3)

Continue in pattern as written!

Oh, and I also made some basic socks out of what was left of my Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed!