Here’s another project started over the Thanksgiving holiday in Chicago (wow, it’s almost Christmas and I’m talking about Thanksgiving still – I need to get with the program). Did I mention that Sasha’s mom and I went to 5 yarn stores over two days? It was awesome, and I managed to get my hands on some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Peppergrass for another Liz Abinante project – her little shawl Traveling Woman. This one is based on Angela Montenegro of Bones, and it was the perfect excuse to buy new yarn.  The funny thing that happened on the second day of yarn shopping (after I had already bought my Mountain Colors), was that we walked into Sasha’s mom’s LYS and were almost immediately handed the same pattern by one of her knitting guild members!  Man, when a pattern is on a roll, you start seeing it everywhere you look!

I started the shawl on the last night of our Chicago visit (Tuesday) and had it finished by Saturday.  This actually is sort of a longer-than-normal-fingering-weight-shawl-knitting-time for me, but remember that there were almost two whole days of visiting family, eating pie, and playing hide and seek with little kiddos that seriously cut into my knitting time.

The pattern is a simple triangular shawl, stockinette at the start and then blooming into a fishtail lace pattern.  For the lace section you stop working the center increases, which leads to a nicely rounded shape that I really like.  The edging is dainty and open, and you can pull it out into little peaks during blocking for a pretty finished edge.

I made my shawl larger than the pattern called for.  Specifically, I knit the stockinette increase section to 187 stitches (so that I could add two repeats of the lace pattern).  I knitted Chart A four times and Chart B once.  I really liked Chart B (the edging) – I think the pattern mimicked the fishtail lace nicely, but created a pretty, open edge.

Let’s here it for Liz, and let’s hope she comes out with some more interesting little patterns soon!