DSC_0038When my friends and I found out that the friend who taught us all to knit – our knitting group matriarch – was about to have a baby, we almost immediately decided that we should knit something together that we could all work on. We settled in to find the perfect pattern but started to worry about differences in gauges and how to make such a modular piece look nice and well planned out.  DSC_0046

Then somewhere in the back of my head a memory surfaced of the yarnharlot leading a group effort to make a baby blanket at one of her retreats, where many retreaters participated. I figured many knitters equaled even more gauges to deal with than we needed to (with just three of us) and her blanket turned out to be quite lovely. So we settled on trying to emulate that blanket and moved on to choosing yarn colors. We decided to use knit picks swish worsted in Dove Heather (3 skeins), Green Tea Heather (2 skeins) and Wonderland Heather (2 skeins). I know I’ve said it before, but I love this yarn for baby blankets because it’s super soft and machine washable!


When it came to knitting the blanket, I knitted the central grey square (starting with a provisional cast on), then picked up stitches to set up the striped section.

DSC_0039The three of us then knit the stripes together (like this, except with three people), each of us with our own color (although I can’t quite remember which one I had – I think grey again?), and then the blanket was finished with the old shale lace knitted by E. After blocking, she shipped it off and it’s been warming a new little baby ever since!

DSC_0045Thanks for the pictures, E!