Get ready for a parade of baby blankets! First up was made for one of my bffs from high school, who just recently had a sweet little boy. After seeing an “in progress” shot of the baby’s nursery, I thought a white and grey chevron striped blanket would be perfect. I settled on the Chevron Baby Blanket pattern from the purl bee. I used knit picks swish worsted in white (6 balls) and dove heather (5 balls), holding two strands together the whole time. I started with a white stripe and then just worked each stripe until I finished that ball of yarn. Great pattern and one of my favorite yarns for baby blankets, since it’s so soft and machine washable! Unfortunately I only got a work-in-progress shot on my iphone, but I’m kind of lucky that I even have that since I totally forgot pictures before I gave it away! Ooops :)

2014-04-22 22.48.47