I’m still trucking along on the hexipuffs for my beekeeper’s quilt (while working on a few other things along the way). I’ve got about 65 puffs so far! Only 283 puffs to go! Because of the awesomeness of this pattern, I also talked a friend into getting the pattern and knitting along with me, and she sent me a wonderful surprise – four mini-skeins of sock yarn from her stash, from which I could make three hexi-puffs each. So exciting! So of course I reciprocated. Here are the balls of yarn I sent her (along with a glimpse of my puffs):

DSC_0476And here are the balls I sent her next to the puffs I made with the yarn she sent me. I forgot to snap a picture of my mini-skeins before I started knitting puffs (just too excited I guess!). I sent her four types of yarn; the green one is Slackford Studio Lightfoot Sock (sadly, Susan has closed up shop for the time being), the purple is Colinette Jitterbug, the peachy-pink is Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock, and the deep pink is Pagewood Farms Denali. Hooray for hexipuffs! And friends who send you yarn!