It’s spring here!  The redbuds are blooming and the color just happens to coordinate with my latest project (which isn’t really springy at all though, oops).

Over the Christmas holiday I got to go to a lot of yarn shops with Sasha’s mom, and made quite a few great finds.  The most impressive bargain was found by Sasha’s mom, who through admirable persistence made it to the tiny sale room of a little shop called Sunflower Samplings in Crystal Lake Illinois.  I had given up making it through the packed little hallway to a tiny closet that always seemed to have someone already browsing in it, and was looking at a sale basket in a more open room when she came out saying there was just enough fuscia Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed (50% off!) for me to make a Rossan, from Debbie Bliss’s Donegal Tweed book.  I think it took her approximately 2.5 seconds to convince me I needed to knit this pattern (it helped that I had already seen hers out of a different color in person), and we were both excited for the rest of the day about the find.

I started almost a soon as we got home from the shop, deciding to knit the body in one piece and work seamless set in shoulders (I thought they might be more flattering than the original drop shoulder).  The yarn is very chunky and the cable pattern is easily remembered, so I sped right along on the body.  After working the sleeves to the underarm, I joined them to the body and worked a similar set in sleeve to the one on my beatnik.  The sleeves have a little bit of a bump at the shoulder and if I were to knit it all again I might stick with the original sleeve from the pattern.  I still like my sweater coat, but I just wonder if maybe I was over-thinking it.  Oh well, live and learn (not to mess with Debbie Bliss patterns)!  :)

I loved working with the Donegal Tweed and I love the bright pink!  I think this is a great first contribution to what I’ll call my developing “Boston ready wardrobe”.  Woolly sweaters may be the name of the game for next winter.