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We’ve had a couple of snow days here in Oklahoma (although whoever invented remote desktop connection really killed the whole ‘snow day’ fun for me), so Hugo and I have been hunkering down (like the rest of the country, right?). Oh look, here he is enjoying the snow!

At least I can combat the cabin fever a bit by telling you all about my latest project, which I am completely in love with. You see, Sasha is having to face some pretty cold temperatures when he’s in Boston and he doesn’t have a matching hat and scarf set in the charcoal gray family (one of my favorite color families)! I haven’t made anything for him in a while, so I wanted to make him something really nice. We went to a couple of shops to find the perfect yarn and finally settled on Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in soot. After looking around at hat patterns for a while I remembered this scarf knitted by Brooklyn Tweed a year ago.

Once I had this pattern in my head, I couldn’t find anything else that appealed – luckily Sasha really liked the pattern as well! I started knitting the scarf to see if I could get the cables right, then once I had the pattern established I started working on the hat.

I love how the pattern looks in the Felted Tweed, and it’s really soft and warm. Sasha’s been wearing the hat for a couple of weeks so far without any complaints, and I just finished up the scarf, so we’ll see how that works for him. The hat required a little more than 1 ball of yarn, and then I ended up using 6 balls (+what was left over from the 2nd ball for the hat) for the scarf. The scarf is really long – like, 6 foot 6 inches, which is good since Sasha is tall. I used my blocking wires to get perfectly straight edges, and to even out the puckering of the seed-stitch borders.

Brooklyn Tweed’s original scarf was based on Beth Walker-O’Brien’s Aran Cashmere Scarf from Simple 1-2-3 Knitting. I don’t have the original pattern, but was able to create something close enough to satisfy myself (and Sasha). Oh, and for my non-knitter readers (mom), the title refers to the honeycomb and horseshoe cables in the pattern. :)

So handsome.