The post about this finished knit is a little bit out of order, although I did only technically finish this project (by blocking it, I mean) last night – but the knitting was done a while ago.

This was the project I decided to take on our honeymoon!  I thought the simple pattern would offer a mindless knit that I could work on without having to concentrate too much or keep referring to a pattern.  I planned to be knitting this while flying over the ocean and while driving the ring road in Iceland.

Well, it turned out that I was just way too exhausted (probably from weeks and weeks of planning a wedding) to knit on the plane, and, well, the roads in Iceland rekindled my long-lost relationship with motion sickness (which means I couldn’t look away from the road ahead without risking a major mess).  So, long story short I didn’t get this project finished while on our trip, but it was completed shortly after we got back, and I’m still counting it as my honeymoon shawl.

The yarn is gorgeous Madelinetosh Sock in an amazingly leafy green (jade colorway, I think) – I fell in love with it at first sight, and it was only my budget (and the store not carrying enough of it) that kept me from purchasing enough to knit myself a sweater – oooh, or maybe a Snuggie!  Mmm . . . Madelinetosh Snuggie . . .

In any case, I had enough for a shawl, and I thought Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl would be simple enough to show off the yarn, and the ribs in the pattern sort of looked like veins in a leaf to me, so I cast on!  I worked 10 1/2 repeats (10 garter ribs + 6 rows of stockinette) and then knit the garter stitch edge until I didn’t want to knit anymore.  I used EZ’s sewn bind off to keep it stretchy because I knew I was going to try to stretch it a lot.

The yarn knitted up like a dream (I think I’m going to have to invest in some Madelinetosh worsted sometime soon because I can’t get enough of her colorways!)  I blocked the shawl pretty severely to get a nice, light, open fabric and I’m really happy with the results.  I think it’s the perfect early fall accessory, so I guess I’m lucky it’s starting to be that time of year!