You might remember subliminal rabbit’s “Bella’s Mittens” pattern – I happen to have made a pair for myself, a pair for a friend, and now a third pair for that friend’s mom!! It’s a very fun (and quick) knit, and I love how all the pairs turned out. My first two were both gray (like Bella’s, of course!), but I’m really liking this last pair that I made in a cream color. And guess what!  I also made a matching hat! Per the desires of the recipient (I gave her a few options to pick from), this hat has 5 of the large horseshoe cables, a long ribbed cuff that can be turned up to make the hat the right length, and to top it all off – a pom pom! Which is awesome because I love making pom poms. : )  See, mittens and hat (and you can probably tell it’s not actually cold enough to be wearing these since I’m wearing a t-shirt) (definitely looking like a little kid here) . . .

I made both the mittens and the hat with Rowan Big Wool in Natural – this is a larger gauge yarn than the mitten pattern calls for, but I like what a dense fabric it makes — especially for mittens and a hat that are supposed to keep you warm even in Forks!  I actually made these a while ago and then got sidetracked (for a couple of months) before blocking them and sending them off, so I don’t really remember what size needles I used, but I do remember that my gauge was slightly larger than that in the mitten pattern.  Fortunately, my procrastination only kept the recipient hatless and mittenless for a couple of months in the summer, when they would probably have been deemed unnecessary anyway! : )

I’m planning to post the hat pattern as soon as I get it written up in a reasonable format. (Right now it’s a few lines jotted in my notebook).  If only I ever wore hats, I might even make one for myself!  I hope you enjoy them both Cindy, and that they keep you nice and warm all winter!

Is it just me, or is it hard to take pictures of hats?