I love knitting. I really, really do. One of the problems I’ve found with knitting my own garments, though, is that sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out how to wear them. Sometimes I try to copy the modeled picture of the piece, but most of the time I end up knitting things that I think will look good with my standard uniform – jeans. In a lot of cases, though, I still don’t end up wearing the garment that much! A little while back, I discovered via a Ravelry thread that one of the editors of Twist Collective was using Polyvore to create “style-boards” for some of the patterns in the magazine – and I quickly became addicted to the site. (You can see some of the boards I made here, if you’re interested.)  I loved putting together outfits with handknits as the centerpiece – it really helped me to see something as a possible addition to my wardrobe and not just something gorgeous to knit.

Afterward, I started thinking about Milly, and how I had this picture in my head of what you might wear with Milly when I came up with the design. It’s hard (at least for me) to capture that idea when taking photos for the pattern, so I thought Polyvore might be a way that I could get my vision for Milly expressed. I’ve put together what I call an in-my-dreams-style-board (because I can’t really afford most of the things on it!), and my hope is that it might inspire someone who likes Milly but isn’t really sure how they would wear the vest to go ahead and knit her! I’m starting to think I might need a Milly of my own (since the original went to E) — this board is making me feel ready for fall:

Marvelous Milly

If you click on the board, it will take you to Polyvore, where you can see what items I used to make the board and, unfortunately, how much they cost  : (  What do you all think? Do you like seeing my ideas for Milly, or does it ruin your own image of how you would wear her?

(P.S. Sorry for cutting off your head, E!)