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I say “sort-of” because I can’t really claim to have anything to do with actually making the flowers we used in our wedding. I left that job up to Mother Nature, and I have to say, she’s definitely the expert! We did, however, make our own bouquets and centerpiece arrangements – and I’m hear to tell you, if you decide to take on any diy project for you wedding, do this one! It is so much less expensive than hiring a florist, and it is also so much fun! I gained the confidence to try this after we had such success making the bouquets for E’s wedding last year, with flowers bought at Trader Joe’s!  I knew I wanted really simple flowers – just pink peonies, and lots of them.  After searching the internet for the best place to buy wholesale flowers, I settled on Wholeblossoms.  I’m so happy with this choice, because the flowers we got from Wholeblossoms were beautiful and their customer service is outstanding.  Some of the other websites seemed a little sketchy (one said if they couldn’t get the flowers you want, they might just replace them with a different type/color of flower without letting you know and with no refund of your money).  Wholeblossoms called to let me know the flowers were on their way, called once they were delivered to make sure everything looked good, and then actually called on the morning of the wedding to make sure they held up for the big day.  Ok, enough gushing about Wholeblossoms – I just wanted to share my experience because so many of the services seemed bad and I want people to know that there is a good online flower wholesaler out there!  That’s not to say I wasn’t a little bit nervous when the flowers (from Alaska!) arrived looking like this:

Not to worry, though, after a few hours in water in the fridge, they looked like this!

My favorite part of making our bouquets was picking out the flowers and arranging them.  After that, I simply handed the bunch to Kristen and she made the bouquet!  It’s was like magic!  : )  Here is me helping Kristen wrap my bouquet, with my crazy two-days-until-wedding face on:

We made bouquets for all the girls (including an adorable tiny bouquet for the adorable flower girl to carry), centerpiece arrangements, and still had some blooms left over to put in the sconces on the walls of the chapel.  Here’s what that whole mess of peonies looked like after we tamed them and formed them into pretty little bundles.  Also, I just had to post this picture because it is a stunning example of E and Hugo coexisting peacefully! : )

I love, love, loved the flowers!  I think this was my favorite project that we did, and definitely the one with the least mistakes on my part (probably because I wasn’t really in charge this time).

So pretty!