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On to the second set of handmade items from our wedding – tissue paper pomanders! Ever since Martha Stewart came out with these tissue paper pom poms, I’ve wanted to include them in our wedding decorations somehow. My original plan was to make the large poms and hang them from the ceiling of our reception venue, Red Primesteak.  Unfortunately, due to some expensive lighting in their dinning room, they don’t allow you to hang decorations from the ceiling (which I definitely understand – I wouldn’t want to pay for any that we broke).  Luckily, I had run across this Ruffled tutorial on making tissue paper pomanders (based on MS’s pom poms) to line the aisle.  While these seemed like quite a bit more work, I thought they would look better for the ceremony than the bigger, looser ones on Martha Stewart.  So when Emily came to visit, we got started.  And so began a series of unfortunate mistakes on my part and hours of tissue paper folding, cutting, fluffing . . .

Quite a stack of tissue paper, am I right?

So, um, if you clicked on the tutorials I linked to above, you may notice a problem with the tissue paper accordions in my picture.  Unfortunately at the time, I did not notice the problem and Emily, believing that I knew how to make these (because I had made a practice one  a couple of months before), didn’t start to question my technique until it started to become obvious that something had gone totally wrong.  The gist of it is – we folded the paper the wrong direction. :(  You see, you’re supposed to stack four 5×10″ pieces of paper and then fold them accordion style – only, you’re supposed to fold them so that they end up as 5″ strips, NOT 10″ strips (like above).  Ugh!  This slowly became evident (embarrassingly slowly for myself, actually), with Emily saying things like, “Lindy, I don’t quite see how these will end up looking like the one you finished a couple of months ago – they seem not as fluffy and quite a bit longer . . . ”  Well, in the end we had to trim them down, use about twice as many little poms to cover half as many styrofoam balls than I had planned for. Oh, and I almost forgot, as the three of us (me, Emily, Kristen) were finishing the last 3 poms, Emily looked at mine and said, “Lindy, why is yours so much bigger than ours?”  So I began to explain that my poms had just not been trimmed as much as theirs, until I realized that I had happened to pull the ONE larger styrofoam ball out of the bag of, like, 8 correct size styrofoam balls and completely covered it with poms before I realized it.  Despite all this, we made it to the chapel with them, and not a one fell during the ceremony (which we thought would just top the whole adventure off!)  I think they ended up looking quite cute decorating every other row in the church.

I have to thank Emily and Kristen again for their patience with these – none of us ever really want to see green tissue paper again, but I am glad that we stuck it out and finished them because I think they added a cute, whimsical touch to the ceremony.  And we learned a valuable lesson: Linden’s brain + massive amounts of tissue paper + distraction of watching New Moon + bff Linden has only seen once in the last year + wedding in 5 days = near tissue paper disaster.