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Well, ok, it’s been more than a couple of weeks since the wedding . . . I’ve got a few things I’ve been wanting to post about, but I first wanted to start with some posts about the do-it-yourself aspects of the wedding, and then head into pictures from the honeymoon, and the knitting I’ve gotten done in the meantime. So, now that I have the wedding pictures in my hot little hands, I can share!  Being a crafter, I definitely wanted to make sure to have projects that me, my family, and my friends all had a hand in creating – so that every time I looked back at the pictures I would not only remember the day itself, but all the fun times (um, and sometimes fun(?) times) that we had getting everything ready.  So I’ll kick it all off talking about the most ambitious diy project we took on!

Handmade Detail I:  My Dress

I can’t take credit for this extreme do-it-yourself – it was all my mom!  My wedding dress adventure started with my obsession with wearing a dress from the jcrew wedding collection.  I’ve loved their simple, beautiful dress for a long time (and still do!), and so I always planed on ordering a few of them (you can only try them on in person at their bridal boutique in NYC), having a personal try-on at home, and then sending back all but the one I wanted to keep.  Well, I implemented my plan, and actually liked two of the dresses, so I packed them up and headed to my parents to get my mom’s opinion.  After showing her both dresses, her first priority was to convince me to go shopping in Tulsa with her (i.e. she didn’t like either of them . . .).  Neither of us really knew where to look in Tulsa, but we ended up at a very fancy department store with a bridal boutique.  Actually, they had a closed bridal boutique (they had sold almost everything for 50% off a few months before), but they had two dresses left.  Ok, they had two of the same dress left, in different sizes – neither of them mine.  One was close, though, so we said we would take a look at it (hey, 50%!).  It ended up being this gorgeous Amsale dress, but a couple of sizes too small and still preeeeetttty expensive.  As my mom and I were standing in the dressing room, falling in love with the bodice of the dress, she said, “You know, I could make this.  If we had nice fabric I could definitely make this – it’s so simple.”  Thus began our incredible journey of picking out just the right fabric (ordered from Mood!), trying to find the right pattern as a starting point (it didn’t actually end up being that similar to any of the patterns we looked at), meeting halfway between our homes to try on “practice dresses” made with less expensive fabric until we got just the right fit, and mom trying to convince me that it didn’t look that much like a friend’s wedding dress (“Mom, it looks exactly like Emily’s dress, I can’t wear it!”; “No it doesn’t, let me see a picture of her dress.  No, it looks completely different – it’s just the bodice that looks the same.”; “Uh huh . . .”)

In the end, I had the most amazing dress, I felt so pretty on my wedding day, and someone actually said it looked like something Audrey Hepburn would wear (exactly what I was aiming for).  My mom is an incredible seamstress (much more so than she always claimed to be, she credits all her years in 4H), and now I have a wedding dress that means so much for so many reasons : )  Oh, did I mention it has pockets?  Yeah, it totally has pockets.  My mom is awesome.

One more!

All photos are by the fabulous photographer Carl Zoch – he did an amazing job!  In case you’re wondering, my veil was from Brenda’s Bridal Veils on etsy.  Brenda is very helpful with any questions you have, and gets your veil to you very fast!  Next up, the saga of the tissue paper poms . . .