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(brief pause here where I laugh at my own joke, which is actually not a joke at all, but a perfect summary of the content of this post)

At the beginning of last week I took a two day (work-related) trip, which was great timing knitting wise because I needed a little break from Sabbatical (get it? sabbatical from Sabbatical?  ha!)  I’m loving how the sweater is turning out, and my speed has definitely increased now that I’m more used to the lace pattern, but it’s still a little bit slow and I wanted to knit something fast!

I’ve had one hank of Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino almost since the moment I voted in the Dye for Glory competition on Ravelry and fell in love with the Estuary colorway (scroll through this post for all of Three Irish Girls Dye for Glory colorways – gorgeous!) (I might mention that I also fell in love with the Georgia Peach colorway and ended up with two hanks of Adorn Sock in it).  I’ve been at a little bit of a loss for what I wanted to do with this single hank of Kells Sport – I only knew that I wanted it to be made into something that would reside around my neck!

Enter Cat Bordhi’s Moebius cast on.  I realized that a simple garter stitch mobius – blocked to a really loose fabric so that it would drape nicely – would be the perfect fit for my Estuary yarn.  I decided to double the yarn to get a thicker fabric and sort of mix up the colors.  For my mobius, I cast on 150 sts (which in the moebius cast on means you really have 300 sts), and alternated knit and purl rounds until the yarn was gone!  When I finally cast off, the loop seemed really tiny, but after aggressive blocking it came out almost exactly as I imagined it!  I think doubling the yarn and stretching the garter stitch gives the impression of a more complicated stitch pattern than I actually worked.

Cat’s Moebius cast on tutorial is wonderful, and made the kind of mind boggling process completely understandable!  So, in summary – love the cast on, love the yarn, love the finished product!