Does anyone remember this post about a shawl that I knitted for Deirdre’s birthday? Well, there were a few (ok, two, but that’s enough for me!) requests for the pattern, so here it is (finally)!

This second version of the shawl is knitted with the lovely Gypsy Girl Creations Fingering Weight yarn in the Taste of Wine colorway.  I bought this yarn in Chicago over Thanksgiving at an adorable shop called Fishbed Knitting Emporium when I became completely obsessed with the color.

The shawl pattern is clean and simple – a stockinette body, a simple four row lace repeat and a garter stitch edge.

In designing this pattern, my hope was to create something that even a non-knitter would be comfortable wearing.  Something that didn’t look too . . . “knitter-ish” (not that I think that’s at all a bad thing – in fact, I’m happy to be approximately 100% knitter-ish).

The yarn over and decrease combination makes a simple mesh of diagonal lines aligned with the center stitch.  Increases at the edges on both the wrong side and the right side create a shallow body with plenty of width for ample wrapping, looping, snugging, tying, etc without so much length that the point of the shawl is at your knees.

When blocking the shawl, I used blocking wires to create nice straight edges, but I think that Deirdre would also look cute with points pinned out along the garter stitch edge.

The pattern is offered entirely free of charge – just click below!  The shawl has been knitted twice by me, but the pattern hasn’t been tech edited, so if you do decide to knit Deirdre and you find any mistakes please let me know!