That’s “Puppy Art” in French (thanks babelfish!, much better than my first attempt – Art d’Pup), and, as promised in a previous post, I’m here to share the “art” created by me and Hugo for Sasha! As I think I mentioned before, this project was inspired by an idea over on younghouselove.com (ok, more than inspired – copied from).  Hugo’s paws were central to the piece, and he was happy to use them – aww, what a handsome artist!

The basic idea is a blank canvas + some washable paint + your doggie’s paws = custom puppy art. Hugo and I worked on this outside on the patio, where I put down a big trash bag for the “painting” to take place on. My first thought was to have Hugo walk through the paint and then onto the canvas, leaving realistic doggie tracks along the way. This plan was unfortunately foiled by the fact that Hugo only wants to walk in any direction other than the way you want him to go. This setback led to a wonderful innovative technique that I’m thinking about patenting – I call it the puppy stamp. Not to go too far into the technical details, let’s suffice it to say it involves picking your pup up by the undercarriage, stamping his front paws into the puddle of paint, then stamping the canvas. After the “painting” was done, I immediately washed the paint off of Hugo’s paws before he got a chance to lick it off. And voila! I present Art de Chiot by Hugo:

I really love the results; the “painting” looks abstract but we can still tell that it is little Hugo foot prints.I think it is a lovely addition to the pictures of Hugo that I just framed, and it was a really fun project to do and then explain!  I would definitely recommend this as a fun way to create adorable pet-centric art for the home!