I’m going to be out of pocket for a little while visiting family for the holiday, but I figure a small update couldn’t hurt. I’m still working on a Margot for Mom as well as an adorable scarf called “Saroyan” by Liz Abinante. I’m using my Shibui knits baby alpaca from the “Emily’s Wedding Commemorative Stash” for the scarf and I’m really loving how it’s knitting up.  Liz also has a cute shawl pattern called “Traveling Woman” that I think I might try out next.

I’ve also been working on some non-knitting craft projects!  I was lucky enough to receive a sewing machine (as well as sewing machine lessons from mom) for my birthday and I have been so excited to use it! My first project was a cover for Hugo’s bed (he destroyed the original) which turned out pretty well with only a few minor mistakes. Next, I tackled a cushion cover for Poang, my usual TV watching chair. Take a look at the before and after (see Hugo sneaking into the frame?). I’m not in love with the fabric (it looked better to me on the bolt), but I’m very excited about the fit and amazed that I succeeded in constructing it!

My inspiration lately has been coming from a new blog that I’m obsessed with – younghouselove.com – which has quite a few nice do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Hugo and I tackled one last week that I’ll share as soon as I get some pictures.  Go check them out if you want to wile away a few hours imaging how to completely redo your home all by yourself!