While at Stitches, Sasha’s mom and I decided to start our own little mini-knit-a-long.  Well, it’s not so much a knit-a-long, since neither of us really does those – it’s more of an “Oh, we could both buy this same yarn and make this same shawl” thing.  I bought the green lace-weight Interlacements Spiderweb (a discontinued yarn)  and she bought the red.  In the booth, they had a version of Evelyn Clark‘s Shoalwater Shawl that we both admired and decided to make.  Although the pattern is a garter stitch shawl with an old shale lace pattern the sample was knitted in stockinette stitch, which we decided to replicate.


I must admit that this shawl isn’t my usual style, but I love the finished result.  The Spiderweb is super soft and the finished shawl is light as air.  The lace pattern was very simple, although I had to keep consulting the chart for the edges.  When it came time to block the shawl, I was so excited to use the new blocking wires I got for my birthday – and they worked great!  Now I just need to find the perfect shawl pin for my lovely shawl and come up with an appropriate place to wear them both!