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This past weekend I attended the wedding of a dear friend from high school. Emily and I spent as much time as we could together during our high school years – gossiping, talking about fashion, watching movies, shopping, attending each others’ extracurricular events (for me – cheering on the volleyball and girls basketball teams; for E – cheering on the cheerleaders at football and basketball games), sleeping over (most of the time at Emily’s house), and just generally doing the things that high school girls do.  I have learned a lot from Emily, and really feel like we just get along perfectly!

We’re six years from high school now, but I still love Emily [and her little sister Lauren, who will always be a freshman in high school to me : )] – and I was so, so happy to celebrate her marriage to a seemingly wonderful and charming man.  Now, you may have noticed that I tend to express love through knitting, so a few months ago I went to work deciding on a gift for Emily and Pete.  I wanted something very cozy (and for me this usually means garter stitch), classic, and neutral so that they can take it with them wherever they go in the future.  I decided that the Linie 208 Natural wool I bought at Stitches would be perfect and I settled on the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket (rav link) by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne as the pattern.  I decided on this pattern because it is cozy garter stitch, but has some interest – both for me during the knitting and for the recipients.  I thought that the different sizes and directions of the garter stitch pieces would be pretty in the natural yarn without being too much.  And . . . I couldn’t resist the alliteration – Monogrammed Monochromatic Moderne (we’ll get to the monogrammed part later).


I used the pattern as a guide, but ended up changing the structure a little bit due to restricted amounts of yarn.  I added an attached I-cord edging – a finishing touch that I always love.  I think the I-cord edging makes the blanket look complete and also adds structure to the stretchy garter stitch.  It took me a while to come up with the perfect personal element to add to the blanket but then I realized . . . if there’s one thing I know about Emily, it’s that she loves a good monogram! : )  I looked around for a while on etsy until I found Rememberwynn, who made me a lovely faux suede patch with the newly married couple’s monogram to sew on to the blanket.  [I have to take a moment to say how wonderful Rememberwynn was, rushing a new patch to me when the first got lost in the mail!  Thank you Rememberwynn!]


Once the patch was sewn on, the ends were sewn in, and the care instructions were attached, MMM was ready to go!


I was so excited to head to St. Louis for the festivities – it’s been a while since I’ve visited my old stomping grounds, and I was excited to catch up with a few friends.  The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and glowing and the reception was quite a celebration!


I hope that MMM keeps Emma and Pete [and George : )] warm and toasty this winter and for many years to come!  Congratulations again!