Recently, I achieved a milestone in my personal development. It’s the sort of milestone that everyone achieves if they live long enough, and it’s usually associated with feelings of amazement at how fast time goes by and, even better, presents!

So, as a reward for getting older, what do you think I found on my doorstep? A little bitty package all wrapped up in paper, with a card saying the contents were for me from one of my dearest, but no longer nearest, best-friends-forever, Emily!


Inside was something that I recognized immediately – both the pattern and the yarn! Emily had knitted me Evelyn Clark‘s Swallowtail Shawl in JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk – I recognize the pattern because it’s in my Ravelry queue and I recognize the yarn because I was super jealous of Emily when she bought it at last year’s big sale at SWAK in Guthrie. I bought some of the Zephry silk as well, but not in this color. I love the admiral blue and I think it’s awesome that Emily thought of me when she decided to use it. She said that she could tell how much I loved it at SWAK and knew that she would make something for me with it!

I’m very excited to test my hand at this shawl pattern someday, but until then (and after then) I’ve got a beautiful version to wear. And did I mention that it makes me feel really special every time I see it? Look how much fun I’m having wearing it . . . (oh, and please disregard the red nose and watery eyes, I’m recovering from a cold)


Thanks again E! I’m sending lots of love to the coast – we miss you in Oklahoma!