This last week Sasha and I traveled to Chicago to visit his family for the weekend, and I had the pleasure of getting to go to Stitches Midwest with Sasha’s mom! I’d never been to any sort of knitting/yarn convention, so I couldn’t wait to see what a convention center filled with yarn would look like!

I had to keep a tight reign on my wallet because everything was so tempting and it doesn’t seem like so much if you just buy one thing at this booth, another over here, etc. etc. I did end up with a few great buys, though, and I’m looking forward to knitting with all of them.

Linie 208 Nature Wool in a beautiful oatmeal –


Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a cute blue, which I was told matches my eyes (how easily I can be convinced to buy yarn) –


Araucania Nature Wool in the most amazing red; I already know what this is going to be –


Some gorgeous Malabrigo Sock; I’m thinking maybe a small scarf/shawl is where this is headed –


Some amazing Rovings Polwarth Wool; this is the softest wool I’ve ever touched and – fun fact – it comes from Australian sheep –


Some Interlacements Spider Web in a pretty green, destined to be a shawl for me


All in all, a very successful trip (if you measure success by the amount of yarn purchased, which I’m sure most people don’t).

Oh, and there was another development over the Chicago weekend . . .


More knitting posts to come soon!