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Emily’s wedding week was extremely busy, but that didn’t stop us from checking out an awesome yarn store in downtown Portland – Knit Purl.  There, I bought some Isager Alpaca 2, a delightful alpaca/merino yarn, in a light brown color.  It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to make out of this lovely light weight yarn, but in the end I settled on Ishbel by Ysolda Teague.  It’s kind of been shawl city around here lately (I’ve got another one to show you!) and I’ll admit it, I like it that way!  Ishbel is a very pretty shawl – mostly stockinette with a simple vine lace pattern at the bottom.


I wanted a larger shawl than the smallest size, but I didn’t want one quite as big as the larger size.  Hmm . . . I’m sounding a little bit like Goldilocks here, huh?  Well, I decided to work the stockinette portion of the shawl up to the number of stitches called for in the larger pattern, but then only work the lace repeat the number of times called for in the smaller size instructions.  This gave me a shawl right in the middle that was juuuuust right.  : )


One of the things I always find interesting about lace is that it requires a lot of confidence in the power of blocking.  You have to keep knitting when your project looks like this . . .


Keeping in mind that, with blocking, it should end up like this . . .


I enjoyed knitting this shawl, which I’ll attribute to both the pattern and the yarn.  I’m in love with the result, and I really see myself wearing this in the fall (definetely not right now – since when is 101 degrees a cold front?).

Oh, hi Hugo!  Do you like my Ishbel?  No need to answer, I’m sure you do . . .