Yum . . . Merino + Cashmere = Mericash


And Punta del Este Yarn’s Mericash is what I used to make the shawl of my dreams.  This yarn is so soft that sometimes I’m not even sure I’m touching it when I am, in fact, touching it.  I loved the color; a neutral that still feels unique (at least for my wardrobe palette).  I decided to use Orlane’s Textured Shawl Recipe [ravelry link], a triangular shawl with sections of stockinette, garter and a textured stitch pattern.  The pattern is only available as notes on a Ravelry project (for free), so if you’re not on Ravelry and you want the pattern, you’ll have to sign up!  (I always love to recruit new Ravelers).  Here is a picture of the original shawl on Orlane’s flicker page.  Here’s my attempt to take a cute picture:


I knitted this shawl with the Mericash doubled on size US9 needles.  This project went very quickly and I loved every minute of it because the yarn is amazing.  I would knit everything with it if budget allowed!  The pattern is simple and the textured stitch is extremely easy.  The only slightly confusing part to me was whether or not to continue the textured stitch as you increase at the center of the shawl.  I decided to continue the textured stitch all the way up to the center stitch, which meant using my increasing make 1 as one of the stitches in the textured stitch pattern (i.e. after working the center stitch, m1, k1, YO, pass m1 stitch over k1+YO – this is similar to the textured stitch pattern except that the slipped stitch is replaced with the make 1).  I like the look of this better than stopping the textured pattern a couple of stitches from the center.  I also didn’t do the full 28 rows of garter stitch at the bottom of the shawl – because I ran out of yarn : (  I ended up doing only 14 rows of garter.


I think I may be knitting a few more of these for Christmas presents.  Maybe with Malabrigo?