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Ok, I think this is the last post that has anything to do with Emily’s wedding (well, except for when I write about what I made with the yarn I bought in Portland, but that doesn’t really count).  Sheesh . . . you probably think I’m obsessed with Emily and her marriage, or at the very least that we are good friends :-)

Although I repeatedly told Emily that she was getting married in JUNE, she insisted that it might be cold the day of the wedding (something about weather in the Gorge being unpredictable, or some such Pacific Northwesterner nonsense).  Seeing as it was her wedding, though, I conceded that maybe she would need a coverup, which led to the inevitable desire to knit her something to wear.  This desire came mostly from love, but, I’ll admit it, there was a little bit of wanting the bride to wear something I made on the wedding day.  That way, when she looks back at pictures of the wedding wearing the coverup I gave her, she will be forced to think about me just a little bit.  I know, it’s selfish.  But it was mostly love, like I said.

After perusing shawl, wrap, shrug, etc., etc., patterns on Ravelry, and after one dress change-up, Emily settled on Aimee, a cute little capelet by Kim Hargreaves.  (You may remember me discussing it a little bit here.)  There was one issue with this pattern, however – it calls for Rowan Kidsilk Aura, which, unfortunately for Emily, contains mohair.  Mohair just cannot be abided by Emily’s skin, so a substitute had to be found.  This led us to Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, which, as the name suggests, is 100% silk.  And, fortunately, 100% of knitters named Emily, Linden and Kristen think it feels exactly like a cloud.  It was love at first touch, and we ran gleefully from the store with 500 meters of silk.


The capelet construction is simple, with decreases to shape the shoulders and a long cowl neck.  The pattern calls for you to knit the garment in two pieces, but I decided to go for knitting in the round (my motto: when in doubt, minimize purling).  I also modified the neck by working a few rows of seed stitch before binding off.  In the silk yarn the purl bumps looked like little pearls, which I thought was very pretty.  Emily is very found of flowers, so we decided to take on some more knitted embellishments in the form of silk flowers from Nikki Epstein’s Knitted Flowers.  (I also talked about making the decision about the flowers here.)  In the end, we went with four buttercups on the shoulder (two knitted by me, one by Emily, and one by Kristen – aww).

It did turn out to be quite cold on June 7, 2009.  Please enjoy these beautiful photos of Emily in her capelet that I stole from her wedding photographer, Lauren Brooks.  If you want to see more photos from the wedding, please visit Lauren’s blog.



emilyanderic-62Photos by Lauren Brooks