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Friday and Saturday

Well, I called this the Shower and Post-shower era, so I guess I’ll start out telling you about the Friday morning shower at Battle Grounds (a cute little coffee shop with a pun-ny name based on the town).  The shop was in an old house, and we had one of the upstairs rooms reserved.  The gathering was pretty small – Emily, me, Kristen, Emily’s mom and Eric’s mom.  After ordering some delicious pastries, sandwiches, teas and coffees, we settled down for some serious coloring.  I’m talking Strawberry Shortcake and Carebear coloring books, complete with wedding stickers to accessorize.  We each colored a few pictures symbolic of the upcoming nuptials (and a couple of sunny pictures hoping for good weather).  After coloring came present opening, and E got some very adorable gifts and cards.  See the poster we made?


Once the delightful shower was over (thanks again to Eric’s mom), we headed off to find some ribbon for bouquets and then back to Emily’s house to hang out with Eric and do more wedding crafts.

Kristen and I were invited to attend a BBQ over at Eric’s house Friday night, and it was really fun to meet his family.  I hope Emily enjoyed having our support in the land of soon-to-be in-laws, although she seemed unfazed about it all and happy to be there!  Back at the hotel the finishing touches were put on Emily’s wedding capelet.  And, ok, I know it’s pretty cheesy, but all three of us made a buttercup (ravelry link) to go on the shoulder.  I couldn’t help being mushy this entire week, and I think I tried to make everything symbolic of something!


Saturday morning dawned with an early morning hotel pick up from Emily to take us to Joann’s for more ribbon and Trader Joe’s to find flowers for bouquets.  The flowers from Trader Joe’s are beautiful, and after the purchase of 10 bouquets we thought we had enough flowers to make 3 lovely bouquets with extra flowers for decoration.  See, I can hardly fit in the backseat with all of the flowers :-)


We headed back to home base (AKA Emily’s house) to prepare our bouquets, put the final touches on the wedding crafts, and steam ALL of our dresses.  Making bouquets was so much fun, and they ended up beautiful!  Here they are in the fridge with all of the shelves taken out . . .


After bouquets, I steamed dresses for a bit while Kristen and Emily got everything packed up and ready for Sunday (can you believe E let me near her dress with a steamer?  Scary, but it worked like magic).  Before heading out to dinner, the three of us sat out on the deck for a few minutes – and then one of the most amazing parts of the trip (for me) happened.  I got a wild bunny to eat from my hand!  His (or her) name is Spot, and he/she is a very tame bunny who has been known to eat out of human hands before.  Spot is beautiful and it was a real treat to have him eat oats and sunflower seeds from my palm!

After dinner we got to see Melody (it’s been way too long), and then it was off to bed to catch our beauty sleep for the wedding day!

Next Up:  The Big Day!