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You may remember me discussing a pure silk knitted capelet I was making for a special bride-to-be?  Well, the capelet is finished, except for the flowers that Emily and I are thinking about adding.  I checked out Nikki Epstein’s Knitted Flowers from the library because we wanted to try out a few of the patterns and see if any worked on the shoulder/neck region.  I actually really enjoyed making the few flowers that I did, and I would recommend this book to any knitter who has considered taking up crochet for the sole purpose of flower-making.


Before I show you the flowers, though, I wanted to try and express what I was feeling while contemplating, knitting and writing about them.  It just struck me the other day that making  something for a best friend’s wedding is a very special thing.  This project is, to me, very different from the secret  present, because it is something that will be a part of the wedding.  Working on it makes me think of the days when mothers and sisters would work diligently to create everything needed for the wedding celebration, including the dress.  It just feels really important.  I can’t wait until the wedding day when I can be with Emily, her mom and Kristen as we three help E to get ready for the ceremony.

Since it is so important [practically the most important thing about the day :-)], we need to decide which, if any, flowers will be added.  I present to you a few examples of knitted flowers, made with Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, on size 1 needles.  (please disregard the un-woven-in-ends).


This flower was the reason that we decided to check out the book.  I really like the way it turned out, although it is bigger than I thought it would be.  (Please imagine a pearl sewn to the middle of the flower – there’s supposed to be one – I just didn’t have any lying around).



There are many different roses in this book, so I tried a couple of them out.  The scallop rose is (to me) more of an idealized rose shape, and although it is pretty in the book, I’m not sure how much I like it in the pure silk.  We’ll have to think on this one . . .



This may be my favorite of the flowers I made, although it might not be the right one for the wedding.  I just think it is adorable (and really simple to make).  Maybe we could put a group of these on the capelet? (It’s supposed to have a french knot in the center)



I think the cabbage rose is closest to what I was envisioning for the capelet (although it is all up to Emily, of course).  This version is small, but I think that I could double the yarn and modify the pattern to be bigger if that’s what we wanted.  I like that the flower is moderately flat, so that it could be attached to the capelet without flopping to one side, and I really like the slightly ruffled edges.


What do you think?