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Kind of sounds like a kid’s adventure movie (ala Race to Witch Mountain), right?

This weekend, Sasha, Hugo and I made a day trip to the Quartz Mountain area of southwestern Oklahoma.  It took us a little while to get there, but that was mostly due to small side trips to see something cool on the side of the road instead of distance. (See below, awesome picture of train tracks taken from an old bridge that presumably was a big deal when the road used to be Hwy 62)


Once we finally made it to Quartz Mountain, we had a lot of fun hiking around the bottom of the mountain and taking pictures.  The first short trail we decided to go on was Cave Trail – advertised as a 25 min. round trip with a small cave at the end.  Well, we found it to be approximately a 5 min round trip, but the cave at the end was really cool.  Hugo was very interested in what wildlife might be inhabiting the cave . . .


We didn’t find anything in the cave, but it was a little smelly (like, skunk smelly) so that’s why Hugo was so interested.  We then hiked around the lower part of the mountain on the edge of the lake (did I mention the big pretty lake?)


Afterwards we were all tuckered-out.  Poor Sasha had to drive home, I did some more secret knitting, and Hugo took a nap in the back.  He was a very tired puppy  :-)img_0267