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My beloved Francies are finished!  We’ve had a tough go of it, but we finally made it – and all in one piece (well, two pieces, but I’m really referring to the fact that I haven’t chopped these socks into little bits out of frustration).  Third times a charm I always say, and it is the truth in this case.  After knitting elf socks the first two tries (see previous post about delusion – I can convince myself that any work in progress is going to be fine, just fine no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary), I finally have created socks that fit my feet!  Meet my Lightfoot Francies . . .


The socks are Francie by Rebekkah Kerner, and the pattern is very clever and beautiful.  The foot shaping is really not as difficult as it looks (I omitted the leg patterning because it just wasn’t my thing), and the socks hug your feet just right.  Don’t be afraid of the unique construction – just be afraid of your row gauge.  Be very, very afraid of your row gauge.  Ok, it’s not that scary, but apparently I am a very loose knitter compared to Rebekkah Kerner, so I had to make a needle change – specifically from 1’s to 00’s.  As long as you’ve got correct row gauge, though, it should be easy, smooth sailing.


The yarn is Slackford Studios, LLC Lightfoot Sock, colorway Favorite Lipstick, dyed by Susan right here in Oklahoma!  This yarn is 100% superwash merino, and the yardage is great.  It is super soft and lofty, and it doesn’t have too much twist the way I think some sock yarns do.  Lightfoot knits up really well – I didn’t have any problems with splitting or over twisting.  It was also tough enough to withstand being ripped out approximately, oh, 50 million times and re-knit!  I’m definitely going back to L&B for more soon!


I’m in love with these socks and as soon as can psych myself up to knit on 00’s again I’ll be knitting some more!