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So, it’s the weekend now, and I’ve got my secret wedding present supplies! I’m about 20% finished, and I love it so far. I even took it into L&B to show off (and buy much needed needles) and convinced someone there to knit it as a wedding gift [not for Emily – don’t worry about duplicates :-)]! Don’t be concerned – I swore everyone there to secrecy before I left. Since I can’t really tell you much else about that project, let me share what I completed since last time.

Plain-ole toe-up socks. My Kaffe Fassett’s Design Line Universal Toe Up Socks are finished (they knit up really fast because the yarn is so big – well, big for sock yarn). I really love the colors and they fit great. After looking at more pictures of this yarn on Ravelry, I may have to make a few more pairs of plain-ole toe-up socks in different colorways.


My second accomplishment was getting closer to row gauge for Francie than I have ever been!  I’m well into the foot decreases on the first sock, and I’ll let you know if this story has a happy ending . . .  In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of my Lightfoot Francies.  I think the yarn is so beautiful in this photo that I have found myself looking at it over and over again!