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The secret wedding-present-to-be has been decided, and now I’m just waiting for the yarn to get here!  I’m so excited to get started, it’s perfect, and I can’t wait!  Check back around June 7th to find out what it is . . .

Until my supplies get here, and since I’ve just recently finished Shawl Collar Prototype II (stay tuned . . .), I’ve been occupying myself with socks and more socks!

First off, some plain old toe up socks.  I’m using Amy Swenson’s Universal Toe Up Sock Formula from Knitty.  I love the yarn – it’s Kaffe Fassett’s Design Line from Regia.  I love the long color repeats, and the colors are beautiful!  Here’s the gauge swatch that I started knitting on the way to Corpus Christi for the Baade wedding.  (Long story short – after a brief hibernation because I didn’t like the way the stripes looked, I frogged and started again yesterday) (Oh, and that’s Texas that you see out the windshield)


My other sock adventure has been trying to get the correct gauge for Francie, by Rebekkah Kerner.  Am I the only one that is having trouble getting 48 rows/4″?  This is one pattern where I think row gauge is much more important than stitch gauge.  I’ve already knitted this pattern once with the wrong row gauge, and had to stop the foot shaping way, way early.  I want to get this right, because I think the foot shaping is beautiful and interesting and it looks like these socks give you a hug while you are wearing them!  The yarn for this sock-to-be is Slackford Studios, LLC’s Lightfoot Sock.  I mentioned previously that I loved how the yarn looked all wound up and ready to knit, and (would you believe it) I like it even more knitted up (which isn’t always the case).  The color is Favorite Lipstick, and I adore the pinks in this yarn!  Here’s the first shot at gauge (unsuccessful).  Hopefully the next is closer!


A few other things that made today a good day . . .