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(pronounced Cla-po-tee)  :-)


I finally got to use my Miss Babs Yummy Sock and Baby that I bought when L&B was having the “everything blue is 20% off” sale. Clapotis is Kate Gilbert’s version of a french scarf, and she practically guarantees that wearing this scarf will make me extremely stylish (not to mention warm).

I was delighted to be able to make a few modifications to the pattern – the type where I don’t have to knit as many stitches or as many repeats! I wanted a thinner scarf than the original, and my gauge was a bit larger than that called for.


I love how the yarn looks in this pattern. I didn’t want a variegated yarn for this project, but I did want a little bit of color variation to make it more interesting!


Don’t worry – you’ll be seeing more of this beautiful yarn . . . in a soon-to-be revealed baby jacket. The colorway is Bunting, so how could I not make something for a baby?

Here’s a preview: