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Ahhh . . . yesterday was a great day. Kristen was in town for a visit, which is always a good time. This day was extra fun, though, because Kristen wanted to knit a baby sweater – fast. So of course we had to go to L&B to pick out yarn. Since Emily and I knew that Kristen would need to knit a gauge swatch at the store so that she could buy the right needles, we thought ahead and brought our own knitting to entertain us.  Three hours after walking into the yarn store, we called it quits (I think this may only be because they were closing).

At L&B, we settled on the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (a design very similar to my Garter Yoke Cardigan from the previous post).  It is an adorable top-down cardigan, and Kristen decided to knit it up in Berroco Comfort DK, in (I think) the color Dusk.  It is turning out very, very cute and I think the only decision left to be made is the buttons!

My all day knitting project was Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis, a “french scarf.”  I decided to use Miss Babs Yummy Sock & Baby yarn.  I’m about half way finished, and I’m liking the pattern so far.  It is a nice pattern to work when you might be distracted, and once you get the hang of the repeat it goes very fast!

Hopefully I will have pictures of a few things soon!

Happy knitting!