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While getting ready to take pictures of my newly-buttoned Garter Yoke Cardi, I dropped my camera!  It is (understandably) not functioning now, so I can’t take any pictures to show you.  Well let me amend that, I can’t take any good pictures and am only able to show you pictures from my Mac camera.  So here is the cardigan in process (I’ll hopefully have real pictures soon):


I look pretty cross-eyed in this one.  I forgot to look at the camera and not the image on the screen!

I’ll also show you a picture of some very cool sock yarn I bought at L&B tonight (when I stopped by to show off my sweater).  I was sitting next to the spinner/dyer herself when Leslie showed me the yarn!  It’s called Lightfoot Sock by Slackford Studio, LLC.  I couldn’t find a link to the Slackford Studio website, but here is the spinner/dyer’s blog.  Although I haven’t started knitting yet, the yarn sure does look great all wound up!  Maybe it will become a Clapotis (thanks to Leslie for telling me how to pronounce that – now I can discuss my potential project).